San Pedro de Alcántara Building Work - November 2017

Update on the San Pedro de Alcántara Building Work – November 2017

The work around San Pedro de Alcántara continues to progress and it’s now easy to see that the changes are a real improvement and will be an asset to the town as a whole.  The main street into town – Avenida Marqués del Duero is now really taking shape and is far more open than before, with greater priority being put on pedestrians and open space than drivers and parking.

There has been a fair amount of disruption to everyday life whilst the work has gone on, with much of the main areas of town closed to traffic in some places, and constantly changing one way systems in other places.  Many of the side streets off Avendia Marqués del Duero have even been closed to pedestrians.

The main traffic route along Marqués del Duero is now single file and seemingly provides little in the way of parking, with the expectation being that people will park on the adjacent streets, or in the purpose built underground car park.  The whole road feels much wider and echoes the feel of the boulevard, just below. 

There is plenty of new street furniture, as well as purpose built raised flower beds, as well as recessed planting areas.  The street lights are also split level, to provide lower level lighting for vehicle access, and higher more general light for the pedestrian areas.  At the same time, the work has managed to incorporate the well-established area of trees and palms at the southern end of the street, opposite Bank Inter, Brunings Restaurant and the newly opened Eme de Miguel.  There is also plenty of public seating, as well as drinking fountains – with separate lower level fountains for four-legged drinkers!

Many of the roads adjacent to the main street have also been relaid.

Whilst not yet finished, it is hoped that the works will be complete around Christmas time, and certainly well in advance of Semana Santa, which starts in late March 2018.  With luck the celebrations and parades will take place on the newly updated street of Marqués del Duero.

Normal service is beginning to resume and the works have already reinvigorated the town centre, with another selection of new restaurants and bars to choose from.

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The following is a photo update of the work.  All photos were taken during the last week of October 2017.

San Pedro main street.  Looking south towards Bank Inter.1 - San Pedro Main Street - Looking South.jpg (138 KB)

Main Street looking north.  The paving of the road has started at the northern end of the street and is working its way south.2 - Opposite the NH Hotel, looking North.jpg (145 KB)

Newly laid pavement, with red marble inlay.3.jpg (162 KB)

New bicycle racks close to the pharmacy and Clinica del Rio.4.jpg (182 KB)

The new Boulevard - MkII.5.jpg (126 KB)

Putting the finishing touches to the paving at the northern end of Marques del Duero,  San Pedro de Alcantara.6.jpg (172 KB)

Looking south from outside Banco Popular, San Pedro de Alcantara.7.jpg (166 KB)

The building work continues.  8.jpg (146 KB)

Looking south, from the top of the street.9.jpg (158 KB)

The newly paved Calle Jerez, outside the main entrance to the NH San Pedro hotel.10.jpg (160 KB)

Calle Jerez has been one of the main access points for the works and so has experienced more than its fair share of disruption.  Newly paved in this photo, but with the original orange trees still in tact.11.jpg (161 KB)

The old telephone exchange in the centre of San Pedro de Alcantara.12.jpg (152 KB)

Calle Lagasca, looking south.  This street is currently one way in places, and two way in other places.13.jpg (154 KB)

The pasillo between Lagasca and Marques del Duero.14.jpg (114 KB)

Newly tarmaced Calle del Pozo.15.jpg (139 KB)

Newly laid tarmac on Calle Hernan Cortes.16.jpg (121 KB)