San Pedro de Alcántara: History & Entertainment; Part 2

Last week we introduced the beautiful beach town of San Pedro de Alcántara and its iconic boulevard. In the second part of the blog post, we delve into the interesting and beautiful history San Pedro has to offer, and take a look at one of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol.

History in San Pedro de Alcántara: La Basílica de Vega del Mar, The Roman Baths and a Historic Watchtower

La Basilica de Vega del Mar in San Pedro de Alcántara is an archaeological site discovered during the early 20th Century near the Guadalmina River. The site was found when foundations were being laid in the local area for a eucalyptus plantation and, as the beds were being dug, several artifacts and human remains were found.

As historians uncovered the area, they discovered an ancient Paleo-Christian church and burial site. It’s believed that the original church was built in the mid 4th Century and is thought to have been destroyed in the Mediterranean earthquake of 365. The site lies on a well-known Roman route stretching from Cartagena to Cádiz.

Basílica de la Vega del Mar, San Pedro de Alcántara

Gravestones and coins uncovered during the dig suggest that the ruins found were built in the 6th Century on top of the ruins from the earlier construction. A tombstone coloured “Constantine Crimson” was found at the site, after the Emperor Constantine, a 4th Century Roman Emperor. The tombstone is arguably the oldest in Spain, marking the San Pedro site’s importance in Spanish history. Other items discovered on the site are exhibited in the National Museum of Archaeology in Madrid.

Almost two hundred tombs have been found, making it one of the largest Roman burial sites in Spain. The tombs were made of marble or brick and sealed by large stones or boulders.

Until the millennium, the site was open to explore by the public. Later, it was fenced off and a key could be borrowed from the local tourist office to visit the ruins. Since then, the site has been extensively renovated by the local council to include elevated wooden walkways and information boards.

The site is only open between the hours of 11am and 1pm on Fridays. If you wish to visit the ruins outside of these hours, you must call the Delegación Municipal de Cultura on 952 825 035 to arrange a visiting time. You will then be provided with keys to the site from the Marbella or San Pedro tourist office.

Furthermore, San Pedro de Alcántara is home to Roman Baths, Las Bovedas, located next to the prestigious Guadalmina Urbanisation. The baths date back to the 3rd Century and were discovered in 1926, and have survived well over the passing of history, more so considering their proximity to the beach.

The Roman Baths of San Pedro de Alcántara

While the general conclusion is that the site consists of Roman Baths, some believe that the crypts were in fact large deposits for water carried by the nearby aqueducts.

Las Bovedas are currently closed to the public, however for information can be obtained about visiting the site by calling 952 785 252.

Near the Roman Baths is the Torre de las Bóvedas, a 16th Century watchtower located 50 metres from the ruins of the baths, hence the name. La Torre de las Bóvedas is one of a chain of watchtowers built along the Costa del Sol to warn off pirates and potential Moorish invaders from Northern Africa.

The stone tower stands 13 metres (42 feet) tall and 8.3 metres (27 feet) wide.

Like the baths, La Torre de las Bóvedas is not open to the public.

Playa San Pedro de Alcántara: One of the Costa’s Best Blue Flag Beaches

The Playa San Pedro de Alcántara is noted as one of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol. Because it’s long, straight and wide, the beach is rarely crowded.

The beach has been recognised with a Blue Flag award due to its standards of cleanliness and on-site facilities, including a Red Cross first aid post.

Blue Flag Beach in San Pedro de Alcántara

The beach is backed by a seafront promenade, common on most Costa del Sol beaches. The promenade, which stretches almost 12 kilometres (7.5 miles), has a popular cycle path which is often occupied by cyclist and rollerbladers.

A number of chiringuitos can be found built on the promenade. Chiringuitos are small, casual restaurants that serve fresh fish dishes.

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