Vendor FAQ

How does the sale process work?
The first step is to make contact.  Every sale starts with that first phone call.  DW Estates will then visit you and your property to establish your needs and end goal.  We advise on pricing strategy and sales strategy, including things like the best time of day to show your property.  Once we agree with a vendor that we can help and meet their expectations, we will take the property on as a listing and begin marketing.
How long does the sales process last?
Generally, the whole process takes between six and twelve weeks, though on occasion it can happen more quickly; it can also take much longer.  We will work with you and the purchaser to ensure that we achieve a timescale that is agreeable to both parties.
What areas does DW Estates cover?
Our areas of focus are San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella & Sotogrande.  We are well known within these areas as the “go-to” agency for direct clients and other agencies alike, though we will happily consult with vendors to sell properties in other areas where appropriate.
What does listing my property entail?
DW Estate will advise you on how to present your property in the best possible light.  This will often include clearing as many personal possessions away as possible and ensuring that the property is as well-lit as possible. The time of day (and even the time of the year) can make a huge difference in this regard.  We will organise photos and even dress the property, where appropriate.  From the owner’s part, you will need to have all the relevant documentation to hand and readily accessible as we will need copies of any documentation relating to the property, as well as yourself.  This will include the nota simple, IBI and basura receipts, details of the community, any floor plans, your NIE number and a copy of your passport.
Do I need a lawyer to represent me as a vendor?
Strictly speaking – no. But it is highly recommended and will ensure that your obligations are fulfilled and your needs met.  It is important that the ownership of the property is fully transferred to the new owner and that utilities are transferred.  With a power of attorney, a lawyer will also be able to represent you at notary if you are overseas and remove the need for you to attend the notary in Spain.
Will you take my property on as an “off-market” listing?
Yes, absolutely.  We also have a small number of buyers who are also looking to buy without advertising the fact.  It should be said though that we will have a better chance of selling in a better timeframe if we can properly market your property.  We sometimes suggest that marketing the property as “Price on Application” can strike a good compromise.
Do I need to employ a photographer?
No.  If you already have professional photos then we are happy to use them, if not we will organise the photoshoot and the post-production editing.  The most important aspect is that the photographs are well lit, the property is tidy and the rooms are uncluttered so that any potential buyer can focus on the detail of the property, not the detail of your personal possessions.
Will I be charged if my property doesn’t sell?
Whilst we are occasionally happy to be retained to promote certain properties, DW Estates will generally undertake to sell your property without any up-front fees.  Our fees are payable at completion when the property gets to notary.
What happens if a sale cancels after the deposit is received but before completion?
In this instance DW Estates will generally charge half its fee, with the balance of the deposit being paid to the vendor.
Who should conduct the viewings?
DW Estates is a professional agency, and Danny personally has over fifteen years’ experience in selling property on the coast and internationally.  We believe we are best placed to show your property in the best possible light, every time.  Whilst we don’t insist that vendors go out, it is generally a good idea and allows any potential buyer to feel more relaxed and more importantly feel able share their thoughts more openly.
Should I be present for viewings?
It is generally better if the vendor isn’t present at viewings.  We are the professionals and will ensure that the property is presented in the best possible way.
If I accept an offer is it legally binding?
Whilst we would not encourage any vendor to accept an offer and then pull out, legally you are bound to a sale once the contract is signed and a deposit paid to you, your lawyer or in some cases, the lawyer of the buyer.  This point is known as “exchange of contracts” in many countries.  Whilst individual cases can vary, after this point in the process, if a buyer pulls out then they will lose their deposit, if the vendor pulls out they will be liable to repay twice the deposit amount.
How long will the sale take to complete?
The whole process can be closed in as little as a fortnight, though will generally take between six and twelve weeks.
Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
Strictly speaking, yes, in order to market the property, we should have a copy of the EPC.
We absolutely must have the original certificate in order to transfer ownership to the new owner at completion.  It is now a legal requirement and the notary will refuse to authorise the sale without this.  We can assist in organising this on your behalf.